Celebrity Guest Book
(Selected Exerpts)

"Thanks so Much"
Isabella Rossellina

"Choose Kind"
Jacob Tremblay

"Thanks for helping me out in Vancouver! All good wishes"
Dan Stevens

"Hey thanks preciouSSS Pinewood, nice to be back again"
Andy Serkis

John Denver

"Thank you, faith, hope and love"
Martin Sheen

"When it's raining in BC where better to be than at Pinewood"
Ian McKellen

"Wonderful Place."
Brian Dennehy

Martin Short

"To my friends at Pinewood!! Thanx so much for the great mix!!"
Michael Chiklis

"To Pinewood, I love you 'cause you look like a pub!"
Christopher Plummer

"Hi! All the best!"
Christopher Reeve

"The Sound was Astounding!"
Sylvester Stallone

"Salmon, Stanley Park, Pinewood - the Jewels of BC! Many thanks."
Alan Shapiro

"Thank you for your help and your unending patience. Best Wishes!"
Jennifer Beales

"Everyone at Pinewood. Thank you for everything. With love,"
Angelina Jolie

"Thank you for your loops & your patience!! All the Best"
Johnny Depp

"Pinewood, if a tree falls in the forest... you'll make it sound better! Thanks & Blessings"
Lou Diamond Phillips

"Thank you for making 'First Contact' so pleasant."
Patrick Stewart

"Thanks for your professionalism & kindness"
Ned Beatty

"Nice to work here"
Charlton Heston

"Why can't the industry move permanently to Vancouver! Thanks for saving our production. Peace"
Chad Lowe

"Thank you for all the good work"
James Woods

"All the best to Pinewood."
Tommy Lee Jones

"Thank you. Life will be a little dull without my headphones"
Ted Danson

"Its great to be back at good old Pinewood."
Rob Schneider

"Pinewood, Thanks. All the Best!!"
Gene Hackman

"You all have been really lovely. Thank you."
Glenn Close

"To Pinewood - Good wood!"
Sean Penn

"It was cool!!! God Bless"
Heavy D

"Thanks Pinewood. short, sweet and great coffee."
Shannon Tweed

"Thanks for all the professionalism."
Neil Patrick Harris

"A wonderful feeling you gave me in Pinewood Studios as I put my voice on tape. Thoughtful and kind. Thank You."
Gary Busey

"Pinewood, Gracias para being cool and pros - Keep on rockin' in the free world. Arrigato & just keep livin' "
Matthew McConaughey

"Thanks a million for putting up with me.
Your Friend"
Chris Cooper

"To the people of Pinewood with love"
Antonio Banderas

"Thanx Y'all, hooked me up!!"
Will Smith

"Thanks to my friends at Pinewood. 15 years is too long."
Jason Priestley

"Great working here"
Ben Stiller

"Thanks so much for everything! I hope you guys aren't sick of seeing me. I've become a regular here..."
Matt Damon

"You guys are on fire."
James Tupper

"Pinewood a lovely parallel universe to the other Pinewood - Many thanks."
Danny Boyle

"Pinewood, Thanks for everything. Hear ya later."
Jackie Earl Haley

"Such a pleasure to be here."
Christopher Lloyd

"It's always a pleasure at Pinewood"
Vera Farmiga

"Thank you Pinewood, you make me sound better than I ever could."
Stephen Amell

"Thanks for all."
Christian Bale

"Pinewood, you are the best wood of all"
James Roday